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The Best Retirement Communities in the US

When people think about the best retirement communities, they need to consider safety, healthcare, lifestyle, and living costs. They have the chance of pinpointing a potential place in state lines to settle down regardless of which state they come for their retirement. They can narrow their choices when considering the ideal retirement communities and the advantages they stand to gain. They must also consider such considerations as seniors’ poverty rates, median incomes, and safety. Retirees must not forget about the availability of healthcare and recreational facilities and the residents’ sense of wellbeing.

Idaho Falls

Those that wish to put up their fishing activity again will have a perfect place in Idaho Falls. As one of the retirement communities popular for its fly fishing chances, the place boasts two popular trout rivers, the South Fork and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, which hosts over 300,000 boaters, hikers, campers, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts each year.

Retirees can enjoy the downtown area after fishing. They can explore the eclectic collection of art, shops, restaurants, parks, museums, and more. There will be opportunities for more housing, dining, retail options for individuals with the new buildings’ development, and refurbishing old ones.

Hilo, Hawaii

The general public knows Hawaii for its impressive beaches, high prices, and beautiful climate. Hilo is on the Big Island and has a 36.4 percent cost of living above the national average. It fits as one of the best retirement communities because it is more economical than Honolulu’s capital city. People will find the local lifestyle of Hilo to be quite priceless. Even though it is a calm and quiet colonial town, people can get enough adventure opportunities with its location close to active volcano Mauna Loa and the island on the eastern coast. They can explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, waterfalls, and rainforests.


Augusta is one of the best retirement communities with its senior’s generous tax breaks and low living costs. Retirees can revel in new nightlife, galleries, museums, and restaurants. The Augusta Canal offers a veritable place for them to bike, walk, and run. They can also cruise and kayak along the Savannah River. There are also some impressive college-town amenities with the Augusta University and other area schools, including free classes for older Georgians.

Cape Coral

Retirees will find some of the best retirement communities in Florida with their favorable tax status and desirable climate. People will discover some of these communities along the Gulf Coast like Punta Gorda, Sarasota, and St. Petersburg. Fort Myers is a Cape Coral’s metro area, and retirees can consider this place for their retirement. However, Cape Coral offers over 400 miles of canals for all water sports, fishing, and boating dreams and is unique in its waterway access. Those that love lands will enjoy parks, tennis, golfing, beaches, and other recreational offerings.


Retirees can brace themselves for sticker shock if they think about enjoying themselves at one of Delaware’s famous beaches. Milford is affordable, and there is a similarity between the overall living costs and the city. They can hit the shore with a 15-minute driver inside the small inland city, about 10 miles from Slaughter Beach.

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