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Budget-friendly New Year’s presents

Many of you have a notion that budget-friendly gifts are not up to the mark. Well, guess what, you’re wrong. Being conscious of your budget is a sensible idea. Despite the constraints, you can still find some of the interesting gifts that you can give your loved ones this New Year’s. All you have to do is look at the right place to never get disappointed.

If you’re on a tight budget this year, purchasing New Year’s gifts can get more difficult than usual. But, our list of creative New Year’s gifts under 500 and 1000 will leave everyone smiling. So, let’s take a look:

  •  Work survival kits

You will all agree that everyone hits a rough patch at work at some point. For all those difficult times, a survival kit acts as the saviour. So, put together a work survival kit for your loved ones to make things smoother for them. Fill it with their favourite snacks, pictures of family, scrabble or crossword, etc.

  • Beer savers

It’s New Year’s. So shouldn’t everyone drink to that? And guess what? Ringing the beginning of a fresh year is now possible in a new way. It’s with beer savers- world’s first durable and stretchable silicone caps- keeps the drink fresh- at all times!  So, let your loved ones clink to a fresh beer with these caps. It makes an excellent New Year’s gift for all the die-hard beer fans!

  • Exclusive chocolate box

The safest New Year’s gift for the hardest to please in your family. A beautiful box of premium chocolates will never fail to impress them. So, take your near and dear ones by surprise this year with a chocolate box. You can even add a dash of personalisation to it by engraving names, quotes, and messages on the box.

  • Eco-friendly utensil set

Let us all agree that it becomes difficult to carry bulky vessels to eat when you’re out and about. In that case, a compact eco-friendly utensil set makes an ideal solution. It can easily become everyone’s travel companion as it comes with handy metal straws, straw tips, spork, and chopsticks.

  • Stimulating therapy massager

Winters usually make everyone’s hair flaky. Well, if your near and dear ones have been complaining about the flaky hair and dry scalp, take them by surprise with a stimulating therapy massager this New Year’s. It is a simple tool that will bring back the shine of their hair despite the chilly weather.

  • Bathroom readers

Bathroom readers are an actual thing. It’s for the people who love to tick off their funny bones and gasp in some random trivia while showering. So, if your loved ones are a part of the bathroom readers club, this makes the perfect New Year’s gift for them! All you have to do is pick a small rack and organise it with some interesting reading material for your readers.

  • Scented candles

One of the best New Year’s gifts under 1000 that works its charm on everyone! Trust us, everyone will love this unique New Year’s gift that’ll instantly brighten up their homes. So, pick a colourful and attractive candle set to enhance the beauty of their living space.

Everyone knows the struggle of finding interesting yet affordable New Year’s gifts for your near and dear ones. The good news is that this year you can pick something for your loved ones from our budget-friendly list. Happy New Year, guys!

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