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Save On Your Energy Bills This Holiday Season

The holiday season is not just the season to be bright and merry. It is also the season for skyrocketing electric bills. With parties and decorations that mostly include electric-powered colored lights, it is no wonder that your bills will see a significant increase.

With so many expenses for the holiday season, from gifts to food preparations, you would want to find other areas where you can save. If you want to reduce your electricity bills this holiday season, don’t fret. There are ways that you can take without giving up your merry and bright decorations.

There are many ways that you can reduce your energy bills. All you need to do is look around for possibilities where you can manage your energy consumption.

  • Invest in a home solar power system. 

A home solar power system will not just give you savings for the holidays, but the whole year-round. Use the energy collected by your solar panels for your light fixtures and appliances. You can also invest in a solar power battery storage so that you can store excess energy collected during the day and use them at night.

Investing in a solar power system may require you to make an initial investment, but the savings and your contribution to a cleaner Earth will be all worth it.

  • Invest in solar power decorations.

If you want to light up your patio or your garden, you can opt for solar-powered multi-colored holiday lights. The best thing about them is you do not need to have an electric outlet nearby for your decorations. You can hang them in your trees or hedges, and they will just absorb the energy that they need from the sun during the day. It may not be much, but if you are using multiple outdoor lights, then they can significantly affect your energy bill. They are also safer since you do not need to run any extension cords across your lawns.

  • Install a timer for your lights.

For holiday lights that are powered through your power outlet, you can install a timer so that they will turn off automatically after a prescribed time. If ever you forget to turn off your lights, the timer can do it for you. Besides no one will appreciate those twinkling lights once everyone has fallen asleep, so they’be better be turned off.

  • Choose energy-efficient decorations. 

Another way to save is to use energy-efficient Christmas decorations such as LED lights or fiber optics. You can save up to 70% energy usage with LED lights. They also last longer than traditional bulbs, so you can save from buying new lights in the upcoming years.

  • Choose your decorations wisely.

Sometimes, it is easy to be taken away with dressing up your home for the holidays. However, much as you would want your home to look like a holiday wonderland, you have to choose your decorations wisely. Overdoing it can make your home look like a tacky decor store. Do not deck your home in too much lighting, else not only will your electric bill skyrocket, but you’ll just make your home a fire hazard.

  • Use a smart thermostat.

Your heating is another electrical appliance that will take a beating this holiday season. You need to keep your home warm for your health and comfort. A smart thermostat can help you keep your home warm efficiently. Not only can you set schedules on when to warm up your home, but a smart thermostat also learns your patterns. If you do not have a smart thermostat, you can adjust it 3-5 degrees below normal.

  • Keep the heat inside.

Lost heat is one of the quickest ways to pay more than what you are using. Make sure to seal gaps and holes where heat can escape from your home. Seal in windows and doors. You can use thick curtains for your windows to help trap in the warmed air. Do not bother heating uninsulated rooms, such as your garage and crawlspace. They do not need the heat, and they will lose the heat faster than you can say uninsulated. Be sure to also check the insulation in your attic to prevent the warm air from escaping through your roof.

  • Make use of stylish rugs.

Rugs will not only make your home look more comfortable and cozier, but it will also make your home warmer. You can use multiple rugs and layer them for more depth. Choose colors and patterns that can jibe with the holiday cheer. Just ensure to vacuum them at least once a week to avoid the accumulation of dust and allergens.

  • Let the sunshine in.

Open up those curtains in the morning and let radiant heat seep into your home. Once the sun has set, close those windows to keep the heat trapped inside. This may be a very small and simple step, but if done with the other suggestions mentioned, you can significantly save on your electricity usage.

Despite the chilly temperatures and the holiday decorations, you can still find easy and simple ways to lower your energy bill. You do not have to say good-bye to those magical and colorful lights. Keep the holiday cheer going while working to save on your energy bills.

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