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Part 125 Online Aviation Training Explained

There’s a requirement for testing when it comes to Part 125 online aviation training. However, people can have a glimpse into the online package that includes testing and training. Participants have the chance to spread the training over 12 months, and during the pilot’s base month, they can administer an exam module. The provider can also deliver a part 125 online aviation training exam to the participant’s flight attendants with training spread over 12 months.

Step 1

The initial step of starting the process is through an in-depth analysis of the participants’ training program. The provider will require that the candidate send out your training manual and they map the online modules that, when they finish with its customization, will meet their training program requirements. The purpose of setting up the Part 125 online aviation training is to meet the candidates’ time requirements and required content. The participants can include custom content or remove modules to customize a set of online modules that best suited them.

When the participants agree to sign up with the provider by agreeing with the plan outlined in their free training manual analysis, the provider will send an invoice for $4000 to the participants as part of the initial payment. With that, the provider will get to work on the modules for the candidates. The curriculum size will also determine the price and initial training.

Step 2

When the participant has selected their preferred online training provider for the Part 125 online aviation training program, the provider will request them to send their Ops Specs or GOM. As such, the provider’s Subject Matter Experts will, therefore, start the complete customization process. These SMEs will integrate the participants’ operator-specific procedures after taking their module. The perfect instance is when the provider adds how the participant will log VOR checks and a review of Part 125 online aviation training. The provider will also include the participant’s operator-specific balance and weight, and the candidate’s approved way of submitting load manifests.

This process is similar to all the modules for the rest of the online training. The output is the participant’s training program and not a generic, off-the-shelf Part 125 online aviation training program. As part of the training process, the participant’s PO can log in and view the customized modules. Participants must also present their operations and aircraft images for training personalization. When they want to log into the online training for their operation, they will have an exclusive portal.

Step 3

The provider can finish with the training program ready and customized for the participants to enroll within 45 to 90 days. This training program has got the Principal Operations Inspectors’ approval from across the country, with a praised emphasis on the operator’s specific procedures.

Providers can keep up with FAA emphasis items and the participant’s changing procedures because of the flexibility of the platform where they develop the module. They change and update any changes in the module to the participant’s manuals annually. The pilots also won’t have to take the same modules year after year because of the modules’ focus or content change.

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