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4 Brilliant Colors That Go Well With Grey Roof Tiles

The overall look for your home is highly dependent on the choice of your colors. You must choose wisely to ensure you achieve the epitome of excellence that your family deserves. The material and color of your roof will come in handy with the choice of your exterior color pallet.

Grey has been the most preferred roof tile color because it is neutral. The Grey roof tiles range from dark gray to lighter shades of grey. With grey roof tiles, you can rest assured that you will have a wide range of fantastic colors to choose from when it comes to matching your roof with your brick finishing and stone walls.

What colors go well with a grey roof?

As mentioned earlier, grey roofs go well with a wide range of brilliant colors. Here are some of the amazing colors you must have at the top of your list.


Yellow has always been best friends with grey.  A shade of bright yellow looks brilliant with dark grey roof tiles. You could also go for bright mustard paint that sits right with almost all shades of grey. A light gray roof could go well with a light yellow color.


To rock a grey paint with a grey roof color requires some heights of excellence in blending the two. You must avoid the mistake of using a pigment that is similar to your roof color because your house will end up looking bland, and that’s boring if you ask me.

You could try a shade of grey that is darker or lighter, depending on the grey on your roofs.  Also, you must select your undertone correctly if you decide to settle for a monochromatic look.  Great undertones will bring out the different shades of grey in a thoughtful manner.

Brick tones

Your brick tones don’t have to be boring. With dark grey roof tile, you must select brick tones that will give some style to your house’s overall look. Shades of deep orange, burgundy, red, and buff could provide a fantastic finish look.


White and grey color pallets are simple yet so classy. With white paint, you can rest assured that the outcome of the whole house will be incredible. You can incorporate some soft cream color to give a unique look to the home.

What are the colors to avoid grey roofs?

There are colors you must stay away from if you settle for gray roofs. For instance, brown paint will cause your home to look pathetic. The two colors don’t pair at all. The only time you are allowed to consider brown is when it is used as an undertone. Also, beige will give you house a washed look; hence you must not use it.

To wrap it up

Colors bring life to the overall look of your home. Choosing the right colors to blend with your grey roofed house will give your premise a perfect look.

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