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Finer Variations for the Best Money Management Now

Electricity, telephone, insurance, these bills regularly strain your budget. However, these compulsory expenses are not inevitable. Our advice to benefit from the same service up to 45% cheaper.When it’s not free.

Telephone, insurance, energy, these recurring bills often weigh heavily on a household budget. In that of our readers, analyzed in the context of the section, these constrained expenses represent 40 to 84%.  The Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews are also useful in this case.

Constrained spending?

These are, according to the official definition of INSEE, those from which it is impossible to escape. That they are legally obligatory, such as taxes. Or that you are required to pay them because of a contractual commitment, such as a telephone subscription or rent.

  • Outside of the official definition, they have the common point of being considered invoices rhyme with mandatory charges and not with pleasure consumption. And these daily expenses keep increasing. Starting with those related to housing (rents, loans, charges, maintenance, energy).
  • The French spend on average nearly a quarter of their income according to INSEE, far ahead of food and transport. While some do not go unnoticed, others are more discreet, at the rate of a few euros every month. But, in all cases, these constrained expenses can lead to unexpected savings. Because they are linked to a contract, often concluded for a long time, they are settled, generally by direct debit from their bank account, without asking any questions. However, in many cases it is possible to get the same or more appropriate service for less.

Discover new room for maneuver

Adopt simple actions to reduce your energy bill, put your subscriptions back into competition, eliminate unnecessary or superfluous expenses … Accessible and effective techniques that can be applied to all recurring expenses, including those on which you were thinking until then had very little room for maneuver. In particular for loans, insurance or co-ownership charges. To help you, we have selected around thirty avenues to explore urgently. Our objective ? Save you up to 45% on each of six big expense items.

Insurance: regularly review your contracts

Since they have the possibility to terminate their insurance contracts at any time, the British and the Dutch are not depriving themselves of it. They change it every two years on average, and give full play to the competition!

A reflex that the French, who keep their car contract for more than seven years on average, for example, could quickly adopt if a measure of the law on consumption comes into effect next January.

The Right Opportunities for the Right Kind of earning

While today, their registered letter of termination must reach the insurer before the annual contract expiration date, policyholders should soon be able to terminate their health, automobile or home contract when they want, from their thirteenth month, without fees or penalties. This could force companies, whose premiums have increased by 3 to 5% per year since 2010, to curb their appetites. In this perspective, it is the moment to revise the good reflexes to adopt in order to orient down the amount of your contributions.

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