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Three Things to Look for When Online Shopping Amid the Pandemic

Due to the constraints placed on suppliers, some products on physical stores are out-of-stocks. International flights and transactions can still be restricted in other countries as a safety measure in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, physical local stores may still be closed, especially if they’re non-essential. This lessens the outlets where you can buy things that you need, may they be necessities or stuff you need to keep you sane in quarantine.

As a way of coping with the changes in buying and selling, people have resulted in online shopping and door-to-door deliveries. Let’s take for example gadgets, specifically laptops. During these times, online classes and WFH have become the “new” normal, and both setups require a functioning laptop.

Because tech shops don’t necessarily offer daily basic needs, stores may still be closed or lacking in stocks. As a result, consumers need to order online in order to get the laptop that caters best to their needs. Consumers need to feel secured and at ease while making this big purchase. Here are a few factors to look for when buying online:

Return policy

The National Retail Federation found that 30% of online purchases have been returned. Consequently, “73% of shoppers, the overall returns experience impacts how likely they are to purchase from a given retailer again, and 68% say the experience impacts their overall perceptions of the retailer.”

This is proof that consumers trust a store with a good return policy, as 49% check this before their purchase. A refund and exchange policy as well as free shipping on returns are two crucial points of a trustworthy return policy.

In the part of the retailer, an effective reverse logistics system can lessen problems. This should help the business provide a positive experience for the consumer as well as professional handling by the store.

The “Official” badge

One of the worries for online shopping is the great risk of fraud and scams. The first step to avoiding this is to purchase from official stores.

First, shopping from official stores means that the products you’re going to get are original because they are the primary dealers. Second, brands usually have online commerce figured out, especially if they’re a huge company. Third, you’re safe knowing that your financial information is directly given to the brand’s website.


Consumers need proof that the shopping experience will be a positive one because online shopping essentially places a lot of trust in the retailer. Hence, researching on a retailer before hitting the “check-out” button is one of the best practices of online shoppers. 90% of online shoppers check reviews, and 94% said a bad review has prevented them from visiting and purchasing from a retailer.

If you need to buy something you have not seen yet, it’s good to see people vouch for a retailer. It makes consumers trust the store so that they’re not going in blind.

Online shopping has been proven to be increasingly useful and crucial, as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this, people can stay home and avoid the risk of contracting the virus without sacrificing their needs.

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