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9 Factors to Consider Before Buying Land

Purchasing land is no walk in the walk. Acquiring a home takes a fair amount of backbreaking work. A growing number of people choose to buy land or vacant plots and develop them into their dream abodes. Others want to purchase it to resell it for a tidy profit. But whether you are buying land to build a home or as an investment, there are several considerations one has to make.

After all, purchasing land is often the culmination of a life’s work, and as such, you want to make your investment count. With the help of a credible and reliable real estate Humboldt California agent, your efforts are made much more relaxed than going it alone. Remember, real agents have superior market knowledge, and one cannot afford to take their expertise for granted.

Often a land transaction will look simple enough only to morph into an overwhelming and legally complicated problem. Here are some reliable tips to assist you in navigating the murky waters of land conveyance.

Consider the Zoning Policy of the Land

Land zoning ordinances and laws vary according to the locality. Therefore, it pays to undertake adequate research into the zoning laws of the land you intend to purchase. Ideally, the land’s zoning laws should match the intended purpose of the particular piece of property you are eyeing.

Location of the Land

The location of the land is another critical element to consider whenever you are thinking of buying property. Often, the value of the land will significantly depend on where it is situated. The land’s location will determine its access to amenities and the potential for growth and development.

Ideally, the location of the land you choose to purchase should already have access to existing infrastructure.

Access to Basic Utilities and Amenities

Before making a land purchase, it is vital to make an actual visit to determine if indeed there are essential utilities. The absence of gas supply, water connection, or even an electricity line can discourage any buyers. Additionally, should the cost of these basic amenities be prohibitive, then buying the land may not be the smartest decision.

Size of the Intended Purchase

People buy land of varying sizes depending on the intended purpose. If you plan to venture into agriculture, then ideally, the property you buy should be expansive, with good drainage. If the intended use is a residential house, then the land’s size should be relatively smaller. Therefore, it is crucial to determine whether the size of the property suits your needs.

Soil Type

The type of soil and its quality may affect construction costs. Therefore, before spending a small fortune in laying down a strong foundation for your structure, it is essential to know if the soil type is consistent with its intended purpose.

Climate and Weather

The natural climate and environment of the land you buy should be agreeable to you. Some areas are prone to the ravages of weather like flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to undertake due diligence and choose the climate that best suits your needs and preferences.


This is the most fundamental factor to consider whenever you are buying land. One cannot buy what he cannot afford. It’s best to do extensive market research to determine the best property for your price range. When purchasing land as an investment, consider its growth potential. Often the proximity of a piece of land to a significant town or hub will determine its price.

The Property Taxes in the Community

Holding property in some localities sometimes comes with substantial tax obligations. It is essential to know fully well and understand the tax laws of a given location before making a purchase. In some instances, the property taxes of an area may be enough to dissuade you from purchasing. The role of a competent professional in real estate Humboldt California cannot be therefore taken for granted.

Source of Water

Water is a basic need. It is vital for just about every activity we undertake. Access to it is, therefore, a critical consideration to make whenever you are buying land. It is also essential to find out, for example, if the local laws permit rainwater harvesting.

The value of a competent real estate agent to help you maneuver around any unseen pitfalls cannot be gainsaid.

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