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Picking The Right Tarot Deck For Beginners

We live in uncertain times. A pandemic grips the populace as we work behind closed doors. Emotions often hamper productivity with thoughts of loneliness and the distance between loved ones. Circumstances that make people wish for a greater degree of control in their lives. This makes them turn to Tarot readings to glean glimpses of their past, present and future. But Tarot cards aren’t just about fortune-telling. They aren’t prediction-making machines. Instead they let you channel your intuition to work things out with respect to the future and turn your fortunes around. Instead of book descriptions and readings on the internet, gaining a fundamental understanding of the cards and the images themselves is essential to a good reading.

The imagery helps relieve your mind of other matters and lets your subconscious fuel your intuition to help determine what may raise or raze you, and how you could do something about it. Sometimes the cards answer questions more fundamental in nature, questions that may not even be relevant to how you feel at the moment or what you want to achieve in the near future. These questions may lead you to make positive changes in the present to help you lead a prosperous life and power your dreams.

With that aside, these steps will help you pick the right deck of Minor Arcana and Major Arcana tarot cards to perform a successful reading.

1 – Form A Connection With The Deck

The best way of picking a deck from the assortment of decks available on the market is by finding one that you can intuitively connect with. Even if your friend finds a deck appealing, it may not necessarily appeal to you. Further, if your Tarot teacher swears by a certain pack, it doesn’t have to be the right fit for you. While circumstances dictate that you view packs online and purchase one based on the visual appearance of the cards, a bookstore nearby is always a better bet. The right energy from the deck could mean the difference between an accurate reading and an inaccurate one. This forms a personal connection with the Tarot deck, lending your mind a better chance of interpreting its messages.

2 – Understand The Imagery

Now that you’ve picked a deck, take a look at all the cards. One by one. There’s no quicker way about it. Note down how you feel about them. What emotions do they stir within you? Do the colors and patterns reveal something to you within the artwork? Depending on you connect with the cards, some may prefer subtle decks while others may prefer ones with loud colors. Also, try understanding the meanings of the cards from the Minor and Major Arcana. This will help you piece readings together better.

3 – Pick A Deck Based On Your Experience

Most people don’t know that some decks are harder to read than others. So if you’re a beginner starting off on your Tarot journey, pick a deck accordingly. Most novices start out with the Rider Waite deck, but that doesn’t mean you need to do the same. If a more complex deck is up your alley, don’t hesitate and dive in. If you’re one who’s into minimalism and clear images, the Everyday Tarot deck might serve as a good fit. If you’re a seasoned Tarot reader who wants to flex their muscles, the Thoth Tarot or Shadow scapes Tarot decks might be ones worth experimenting.

Some decks gravitate to the traditional setting while others are modern and are different from their archaic peers. The new ones tend to have riveting artwork that may need a different approach when it comes to deciphering messages, but their art is modern, a breath of fresh air from the wizards and Knights of old. The book that accompanies the tarot card deck will give you a head start with respect to their meanings and associations. For more information, you can always refer to resources available on the internet. Sometimes starting without a book is better, because it’ll let you explore the message with your own intuition and connection.

4 – They Come In Different Sizes

Yes, that’s right. You can pick the right size based on the situation. Giant Tarot card decks are perfect for group readings or even the occasional party. Regular ones can be used for individual readings, be it for yourself or a subject. And should you wish to read on the go, mini Tarot cards are your best bet.

Use these tips to make the right choice and find a deck that connects with you. This lets you establish an intuitive connection with the deck you purchase. In turn, this makes your interpretations more accurate and lets you find answers to the questions that need answering. Keep in mind that these answers aren’t necessarily for the questions you ask, but for questions that ought to be asked.

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