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Everything You Want To Know About “Author Box” In WordPress Website

Author Box is one of the ways by which you can get more exposure for yourself, your brand, as well as your business. This box is placed at the bottom of the article, or blog post. If you have not installed this box on your website, then in this article we will tell you about how to add it to your WP website.

About an “Author Box”

Simple Author Box Pro is a wonderful tool that helps in the creation of a responsive WordPress author box. Write profile and links will appear the end of the article or blog post. This box is used for providing biographical information of the author that includes the name, gravatar, description of the author, and the backlinks to landing pages or social media accounts.

How does an author box benefit a business?

An author box is a great addition to the WP blogs to distinguish the posts written by different authors. The information provided as Author Description in the box is significant to build credibility and form a personal connection with the website readers.

Backlinks also bring SEO benefits for improving organic search results. This is the very fundamental step to develop the authority of an author. Readers are driven by such websites, and are most likely to return again.

What are the different ways to get an Author Box?

One way to get an “Author Box” to display on the WordPress website is by having a theme that incorporates it in the existing theme. If you don’t have any theme that provides you this functionality, then you can take the help of some good plugins like the Simple Author Box Plugin.

Ways to add an author box to your WordPress posts

Let us first learn how to create an author profile using different methods. It will help you in making the right choices.

Use a Theme

Select a WordPress theme that comes with an inbuilt Author Box feature. This feature is important when you have multiple authors. Most themes allow you to display boxes for a specific writer. The information of each author has to be included in their profile. That information will appear below the corresponding author’s post.

Use an Author Box WP plugin

Now the next method to add an author box on your website is to use a plugin. This plugin is useful if you choose a theme that doesn’t provides you a functionality to add bios on your WordPress pages.

WordPress plugin directory comes with an extensive range of plugins, and tools that will let you select from them and this feature to any theme. Different plugins offer different types of features to its users. It is important to learn about them, their ratings, and customer reviews to make the decision. Simple Author Box is one of the best WP plugins.

Make use of manual codes to insert author bios to the WordPress

If you have the technical coding knowledge, then you can even edit WordPress core files and add code snippets to get an author box at the bottom of the blog post.


Author box is a simple addition to your website that can enhance your business reputation and make it look more professional, transparent, and credible. With simple and effective plugins, you can easily create an author box on the website.

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