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5 Tips in Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket

The weighted blanket boasts a myriad of health options that are making consumers flock to purchase them. From blood pressure reduction to autism support for children, the benefits of these blankets can be life-changing. It is essential before purchasing, though, to consider a few tips on these blankets to ensure you purchase the correct one for your use.

Type of Blanket

It is important to note that not all weighted blankets are equal. These blankets offer pockets throughout with pellets or other weighting materials. These are then sewn in a quilt pattern to evenly distribute along with pressure points in the body, and alleviate numerous medical concerns.

These weights should be approximately ten percent of a person’s weight to ensure no safety hazards from use. Additionally, the fibers on the blankets should be breathable and somewhat light to compensate for the weighting. If a more substantial material is considered, ensure that it is worked into calculations on sizing correctly.

Sized Correctly

It is critical that the blankets not be so heavy that a person cannot naturally adjust them. Do not shop the bed size in this instance, but rather the person’s size and needs when picking a weighted blanket. Also, know what you are attending to in a person. 

Someone may only require the weighting on the legs and prefer to leave the torso covered with only a sheet. Others require full support from the abdomen to legs. It is especially important to pick the correct size for use in this case.

Should They be Shared?

As seen from the weighting guidelines, the sharing of these blankets is not recommended. The size of these blankets being ten percent of a person’s body weight means that someone sharing with a person lighter than them would have little effect.

A person sharing a blanket with someone that weighs significantly more than they do could be detrimental. Thus while blankets, mattress protectors, sheets, and the like on your bed all remain shareable, these blankets should be considered individually.

Kids and Weighted Blankets

Children with autism and others have been found to benefit from these weighted blankets. Some precautions to follow are that no child under 20 pounds or the age of two should use these. The excellent motor skills should also be useful in those who are sleeping under a blanket such as this, helping adjust as needed. A significant issue is that you should also ensure that the child consents and that the weighting is not causing them additional alarm, which could compromise their sleep and health.

Fabric Choices

Bamboo is one of the most breathable fabrics out there, and thus an excellent choice for these blankets. A Sweet Zzz weighted blanket and sweet zzz bamboo sheets will give the support of the weighting, and the breathability to keep you in dreamland throughout the entire night. The weight added to these natural fibers allows you to feel as if you are getting a hug from your mattress.


Just like a bamboo sheet, weighted blankets can provide a host of health benefits. Ensure you know the purpose and size needed by the standards provided. Do not use children under the age of two or twenty pounds without developed fine motor skills. Finally, don’t share these blankets, as they are as individual in size as the person using them. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find the weighted blanket to help with your needs for sleep and health improvement.

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