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How to gain followers on Instagram in a few steps

Instagram is a social media platform ,first launched as a mobile application for sharing visual content such as images and videos. It was first released in 2010 but just for a few years the application became worldwide popular and now people from all points of the world are on the social platform for many different reasons. Some people are using Instagram in order to communicate with their friends , the business sector is on the platform in order to increase their sales and improve the business they are running. On the other hand the celebrities that are part of the community are mostly on Instagram to share their special moments and their daily routine with their fans. However , no matter of the certain purposes , everyone is able to take great advantages by using the application. Instead of you searching information on Google ,we collected for you in this article some of the best tools and features on Instagram that can help you to develop your Instagram page correctly and start taking benefits from the usage of the application.

  • Choose your niche and research your competitor. Once you join Instagram ,you should start publishing content. But first you should pick your niche and to what you would dedicate your Instagram page. For example you can create and upload content regarding your hobbies , travels ,daily outfits or even your food, it is all up to you. When you pick your niche, you should research your competitors  and learn from it. For instance you can review your competitors’ accounts – mainly what they post , what engagement they receive and so on. This survey will help you to understand how to create your promotional strategy correctly.
  • Run a giveaway or a contest. When you already have a followers base ( if you don’t , you can simply increase your followers on Instagram quickly by using suppliers ) you should hold giveaways and contests that would attract many more users to your page. You should include a reward and ask your followers to like,comment and tag a few of their friends on the publication.This is a really effective way of receiving more traffic on your page ,because your profile will be noticed by many users who may join the contest. This is a key element that can help you to gain many new followers , to promote your products and to increase the awareness of your brand (if you are using the platform with these intentions )
  • Communicate with your audience. Another thing that can increase your engagement rate ( engagement rate is actually the most important thing ) is to make your followers feel valuable. You can do this by replying to the comments people are leaving on your publications ,also you can create an Instagram Story Poll ,where you can ask your audience different questions. This way you will interact with your public which will lead to a higher engagement rate. Once a brand notices that you have a high engagement rate ,they will probably want to collaborate with you , which can bring you money and popularity.
  • When you upload content ,include your location and relevant hashtags.Adding hashtags and locations on your publication will bring you many new followers on your Instagram page for sure, because many people are searching content only by locations and hashtags. However you cannot put random hashtags on your publications ,because they won’t be relevant to your topic and you will probably not be noticed by the people who are searching for a certain topic. So make sure that the hashtags you are using correspond with your content.
  • Create an YouTube Channel! With more than 30 million active users each day, Youtube give you the perfect opportunity to grow your instagram. Publish an interesting video about a topic providing users with relevant and up-to date information. This way you will draw people attention and they will want to learn more about you! Make sure you provide your instagram account credentials in the video.

However, If you are new to YouTube and you don’t have any subscribers, you will most likely not have any views or exposure to people at all. One way is to pay for ads, but this might be expensive and have low return on investment percentage. One trick for gaining more exposure is to buy youtube subscribers from a Youtube partnering social media company. These companies provide high quality and most likely real youtube subscribers that are going to benefit you! You will also need to have some views from such companies, because when you start making your video popular, youtube will place it in the recommended tab to similar popular videos. This way you will skyrocket your social media exposure! Try it!

 Instagram is a worldwide popular application that has millions of active users daily. Many people believe that the future is on social platforms ,so follow the latest trends and become popular on Instagram.

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