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How often is microdermabrasion recommended?

If you have heard about microdermabrasion and have aroused your interest, perhaps you would like to know how often you should use microdermabrasion treatments.

This treatment has been postulated as one of the most effective and revolutionary in delaying the natural aging of the skin, however, exceeding its use can be harmful. For this reason, we need to know and understand the operation of these microdermabrasion machines if we want to get the most out of it and take advantage of the many benefits that these treatments offer.

Microdermabrasion treatments are proving that they are one of the easiest and safest solutions in the treatment of different skin conditions. If used regularly within reasonable timeframes, it helps effectively in softening depigmentation, normalizes imperfections and delays the signs of skin aging.

To try to get the most out of our microdermabrasion machine, we are going to talk about all the issues associated with the use of these treatments, including the frequency we should follow when using them.

Frequency of microdermabrasion treatments

The results obtained from microdermabrasion treatments vary depending on the type of skin the user has and the different objectives sought. Our professional dermatologist is a good reference when it comes to consulting the number of sessions we need to achieve our goals with microdermabrasion.

It is important to allow a reasonable amount of time between sessions to allow our skin to recover and follow the cycle of natural regeneration of the skin correctly. If we do not allow our skin to rest for a minimum of time, we are exposing our skin to suffer unnecessary damage, in addition to increasing the risk of over-sensitization.

Most dermatologists agree that the minimum periods between sessions should be around two weeks.

The program that most professionals recommend is usually composed of an approximate number of sessions between 6 and 12 sessions with a two-week break between each. After completing the first program, it is advisable to conduct a maintenance session every 2 or 3 months to maintain the results.

What do we understand by microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a very safe, non-invasive treatment that uses manual devices that have a diamond-tipped exfoliating surface, tiny crystals and suction, as a suction, that are responsible for offering an integral skin exfoliation. During the treatment, these machines eliminate the dead cells of our skin. With microdermabrasion we not only eliminate this surface layer, but also enhance cell regeneration with healthy cells with high levels of elastin and collagen.

How microdermabrasion works:

Work on a certain area of ​​the skin
Remove impurities
Exfoliate the skin surface with micro crystals or a diamond tip
Vacuum all dead cells and small remains of used glass, leaving the skin clean.

What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

According to several studies, it has been concluded that the efficacy of regular microdermabrasion treatments not only helps eliminate dead cells and impurities, but also facilitates and stimulates epithelial regeneration by offering more rejuvenated skin.

The most important benefits of microdermabrasion are:

Visibly reduces acne lesions.
Softens wrinkles and expression lines.
Softens the surface of the skin.
Eliminates skin depigmentation.
It helps to unclog pores and blackheads.

Can you enjoy microdermabrasion at home?

Of course yes! Currently we can enjoy the advantages of these devices at home thanks to the new domestic microdermabrasion kits, which are very easy to find and that are giving incredible results that have nothing to envy to those offered by clinics and beauty salons. With these microdermabrasion machines we will obtain a professional grade exfoliation at a more accessible price, and from home!

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