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Tips to prepare for the Change Management Foundation exam

The Change Management Foundation Certification exam is meant to gauge your understanding of the topic and your knowledge of how the components, techniques, and theories of change management are connected to the real-world office setting. After passing the exam, you are expected to contribute to your organization with the skills that you have learned.

The best way to prepare for a Change Management certification test is:

  • Getting familiarized with real-time scenarios.
  • Writing mock tests to understand the exam format
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of all the core concepts of the CMBOK or Change Management Book of Knowledge

Why does change management exist as a specific discipline?

First, let us start with the most basic question. Why is the Change Management Foundation Certification so important?

With the skillset gained from change management training, you, as a project or program manager (or any similar role), will be able to address one of the most natural occurrences in an organization – dealing with change. Human resistance to change is one of the primary obstacles that change management courses deal with, and you will learn techniques and communication skills to turn a bottleneck into an inclusive and positive experience. The Change Management Foundation Certification in US is your ticket to earning a much sought-after skillset that is recognized globally.

Tip One – Breaking Change Management into its Components

The modules of a high-quality Change Management Foundation course will be divided into the different components of the discipline. Learn how to map the details of the course to each header category as this will help you understand the concepts better.

The four main modules of the Change Management Foundation training are as follows –

  • Individual change
  • Organizational change
  • Leading change
  • Team change

When answering your questions, try first to identify the category under which the question may belong. There is always a possibility of composite questions or scenarios being posed at the exam – which require using concepts from different chapters in one place. So keep your mind open for all the possibilities.

Tip Two – Mock Tests, More Mock Tests

Sometimes participants who aspire to gain a good percentage at their certification exams trip at the most unexpected obstacle – the pressure of an exam environment. With the high stakes and the time restrictions, the format of the exam can make silly mistakes happen, so getting used to it beforehand is very crucial.

This is why mock tests are very important. The format of the Change Management Foundation Training is a very straightforward one. It is a set of 50 multiple-choice questions, and it needs to be completed in 40 minutes. It is a closed book test, and to pass, you need to score at least half the maximum possible points – 25. (With the proper prep work during the Change Management Foundation Training, you’d do much better than the bare minimum.)

Tip Three – Connecting theory and real life

The best way to understand the concepts and theories of the Change Management Foundation Course is by connecting the text to the office floor. Questions you need to ask yourself include –

  • How would I use this knowledge to guide my team through change?
  • How does this communication technique help me overcome resistance on the floor?
  • What sort of project-related scenario does this theory apply to?

The best way to recreate these questions is by going through case studies. A single case study can help you master multiple concepts and solution combinations. So when you are preparing for your Change Management Foundation Exam, do not ignore the case studies.

Tip Four – Study guides

When preparing for your final test, keep in mind the situations where you apply the CMBOK principles and recommendations. Apart from interactive classes and case studies, study guides provide a concise formula that will help you revise and retain all the precious new knowledge.

A study guide should not be the same as your regular class material, especially when there is a lot of live interaction and other open-ended discussions involved. Instead, the study guide bolsters and complements your live classroom learning, making concepts stay in your head.


The exam is just the beginning of many things. It opens you up to whole new roles and career possibilities. So follow the tips above and remember the key best practices and theories but do not view the Change Management Foundation Certification test as an end – rather, it is an important stepping stone for a much longer journey. Ace the exam and remember – the real challenges lie on the office floor – and beyond them – great achievements.

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