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Pet Care

Tips On Keeping Your Cat’s Brain Sharp

After acquiring that new kitten, pet parents strive to look for ways to keep them looking young and healthy. Notably, cats are playful, and pet owners have to look for ways to keep them occupied. Obviously, getting the best diet and veterinary routine for your kitty is key to keeping them healthy and disease-free. Cats are also known to be intelligent pets, and keeping their brains sharp from a young age is essential for their well-being. As such, cat owners need tips on how to keep their furry besties mentally spry without doing so much.

Here are tips on how to keep your cat’s brain young and sharp:

Create a Scratching Environment 

Scratching and climbing are some of cats’ best activities as they help keep their mental and emotional health in check. If paw-sible, create a good environment for your cat’s scratching right from a young age.

Make top-notch scratching posts of various sizes and shapes for your kitty so that they get used to this activity at a young age. It is important to place them strategically in your home to keep your cat away from your furniture, which they may grow fond of scratching. If need be, train them on how best to use the scratching posts.

Allow Them to Play Daily

Cats are playful, and pet parents should encourage it and make it a routine. Making them play every day increases the chances of your cat’s mind staying sharp and young for the longest time. Make them homemade toys such as socks stuffed with ribbons and catnip for dragging and playing around with.

Pet owners may also buy their cats some wand toys such as rainbow sparklers and peacock feather toys. Toys that mimic prey are purr-fect for sharpening their hunting instincts. Practising these skills helps keep their minds stimulated and active for the longest time.

Check Your Cat’s Physique

Keeping your cat’s physique in check helps keep them active and relishing some play. As such, feeding them with the best food from Barking Heads will help keep your cat healthy. You can also place the feeding bowls on cat trees or at the top of the stairs to make them work for their meals.

Create Vertical Space and Lots of Activities

Cats like to climb up high, and it would be paw-some to create a catwalk for your cat to enjoy. Coming up with obstacle courses is also essential for keeping their brains sharp. Using cardboard boxes with holes will get your cat jumping in and out and helps sharpen their hunting instincts. Cat caves are essential for your cat’s crouching, and cat trees also help race up and down.

Create Kitty TV

Keep your cat’s mind occupied by placing birdbaths and bird feeders outside your windows. This provides great views for your cat and keeps their mind stimulated.

Hide Your Cat’s Meals 

Take your cat on a treasure hunt often by hiding their meals. You can make it more interesting by separating the meals into various portions. This way, your cat will have to look around for each portion, keeping their brains sharp and active throughout.


Keeping your cat’s brain sharp involves introducing games and sessions to keep them active. Sharpen their climbing, scratching, and hunting instincts as early as possible to keep their brains sharp. As they grow older, you may even introduce a younger and playful pet to keep them active.

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