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3 SEO Trends That Are Getting People’s Attention in Los Angeles

SEO, or search engine optimization, is big news these days. There was a time when a company thrived or failed based on TV or radio presence. But today it’s the Internet which really makes or breaks a company. That’s part of the reason why so many people pay attention to the West coast trends. It’s an area that has defined tech companies. As such, their SEO trends are worth keeping track of. And there are three SEO trends in particular which are getting people’s attention in Los Angeles.

  1. Targeting multiple languages

This is one of the ideas that are very obvious. Or, rather, one might say that it’s obvious once someone’s pointed it out. But not many people are pointing it out. And this is keeping a very effective tip as something of an industry secret.

Los Angeles SEO companies have started to put heavy emphasis on using multiple languages to describe certain products. For example, consider an area in LA with a heavy concentration of people who speak English, Spanish and Japanese. Rice tends to be extremely popular among people who speak the latter two languages in particular. So in addition to having descriptive text in English, a store that sells rice or rice-based dishes would want to have some Japanese and Spanish on their site as well. It doesn’t even have to be a fully multilingual website. Just enough text to help someone be aware of deals will usually be enough. While this tip is centered around physical products it holds true for almost everything.

  1. Ensuring higher quality content

People tend to assume that SEO is about quick, pithy and generally small changes. And there are instances where that can be the case. But it’s important to consider what search engines actually reward. And one of the big elements which a search engine offers rewards for is high-quality content.

Search engines like it when a site offers information and content that the average person will find helpful. The more helpful the content the higher up it will usually end up placed in the search ranking. That’s why so many Los Angeles SEO companies advise companies to make something like an informational blog.

For example, a small grocery store might have a blog going into detail about recipes one could make with their products. This type of strategy can have a huge positive impact on the site’s overall ranking in search engines. When someone searches for a product the store sells they’re getting positive results for multiple criteria. It will have information on both buying a certain item and using it. And therefore the search result will usually push past the competition.

  1. Working toward an ideal of voice search

This one is a bit more difficult to manage. But trying to chase this ideal is where the most cutting edge SEO can be found. At the moment voice-based searches are growing in popularity. This might not seem very distinct from something one would type. But people speak and write quite differently.

Spoken text tends to be more casual. Likewise, the terms which might get mangled by voice recognition differ from a standard typo. This creates a difficult situation for anyone trying to target voice-based searches. But the trend of attempting to is on the rise. Those companies who are able to should see a tremendous gain from the effort as the technology continues to become more popular. But even small changes, such as trying to compensate for casual spoken language, can produce big results for a company who puts in the effort.

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