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The 8 Best Gambling Destinations in the World

If you are not a big fan of online gambling, land-based casinos are the best thing for you. Here is a list of some of the best locations for gambling worldwide.


Macau is not just the only place in China where gambling is legit but one of the world’s capitols of gambling. The Venetian has around 380 thousands of square feet including more than 600 tables and almost 2000 slot machines, making it the largest casino in the world. The only backside to Macau is the fact that there is only one sportsbook holding a monopoly and only soccer and basketball are available. Still, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and a place to experience some of the best online betting offers come from Macau-based houses.

Las Vegas

Surely, Las Vegas remains as one of the most known gambling locations in the world. The city has more than 70 casinos and the centre of it all is the Strip, a 4-mile area where most of the magic happens. Pretty much all that you want in gambling can be found in Las Vegas.


The Caribbean paradise is home to beautiful beaches and also gambling. You will find numerous non-stop working casinos such as the Casablanca and the Copacabana. Additionally, a majority of their hotels actually have gambling machines within them so you can place bets. Some, such as the Stellaris Casino, have enormous television screens for watching the games.

Monte Carlo

Based in Monaco, a micro-country in Europe, Monte Carlo often reminds people about James Bond. It is a place of style and sophistication. But, it is not just a place for the wealthier, the Bay Casino has a 1 cent minimum bet for example.


The capital of the United Kingdom and England has a long tradition of gambling which can also be seen in the Peaky Blinders. The only prerequisite for any sort of gambling is that you are at least 18-years-old. Sports betting is available, common and covers pretty much all of the sports in the world. There are also a lot of casinos some are fancy and large such as the Ritz Club and the Hippodrome whilst some are smaller and found in the streets.

These are just some of the place in the world where gambling is available and in abundance. Leave your comment and suggest a place we forgot to add.

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