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Get Your Flawless Skin Again With The Best Treatment For Acne Scarring

When acne marks lower your self-esteem and makes you feel ashamed about your skin, read about therapies that can take away or diminish its appearance. Acne Scar Treatment Toronto does not cover all scars but is effective in reducing the appearance of scars.

Common Scar Removal Treatments

  • Dermabrasion: This is a very effective therapy for the reduction of scars. In which high-speed brush or other instruments are used to resurface your skin and remove/reduce the depth of scars. However, the recovery period is much longer than usual in this treatment; it may take several weeks to heal.
  • Micro-Dermabrasion: in this procedure, a dermatologist or surgeon uses a spray of very tiny crystals rather than a high-speed brush to extract the surface of the skin. It is a less intense method of dermabrasion. You may require more than one therapy for best results and there is no downtime.
  • Chemical Peels: the appearance of shallow acne scars and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation around a healed acne lesion can be reduced by chemical peels. Only a licensed surgeon, doctor, nurse practitioner, or spa aesthetician can administer this treatment because a chemical is applied to the skin in this procedure. It needs a lot of skills and precautions to perform. Chemical peels remove the outer layer of the skin and give you smoother, more even appearance.
  • Lasers: your dermatologist may decide to laser therapy on your skin. It helps to remove your skin’s outer layer, contour acne skin scar or smooth redness around cured acne lesions. Different laser kinds are administered, depending on the acne scar size. More than one sitting may be required and the recovery period depends on the type of laser therapy used.
  • Fillers: Some types of substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat may be used as filler on your acne scars, particularly those which have led to a depressed appearance of the skin. As the fillers are absorbed gradually into your skin, you may need to repeat the procedure after every few months. It depends on the type of product used. No recovery time from this procedure is required.
  • Skin Grafting: In a skin grafting procedure, your dermatologist uses a small piece of normal skin to cover a patch of scarred skin. Skin grafts are usually removed from the skin behind your ear. This method can be along with a procedure called dermabrasion, as it leaves a large tunnel in your skin.

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