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Which Type of Load Cell is Suitable for You?

On the basis of the environment like lab or operational, there are many types of load cells. It is the ideal application when you want to convert force into electrical output that is actually measurable. Generally, the accuracy of strain gauge load cell is around 0.03 and 0.25 percent. These load cells are used for the measuring the strain resistant electrically and experimenting the stress analysis as well. These are typically utilized in industrial applications. If safety and optimal hygiene are important and it is necessary to give precision mechanical balances, then always use a pneumatic load cell. Certainly, a hydraulic load cell is a better choice here because you won’t need power supply for the same.

In order to determine what kind of load cell is suitable for you, let’s learn the type of load cells:

Miniature load cells

No matter if they take a little space, they are actually great at performing at exorbitantly high capacity load. These load cells have a low profile and are heavy duty as well. They can fully take the test batches, prototype structures and industrial weighing applications. They entail a cable connection and a twist lock connector. There are many miniature cells available in metric configurations ranging from 0 to 100 and 0 to 50000 newtons. Famous features of these load cells are, high accuracy, built in button load cell, stainless steel body and a lot more.

Beam load cells

They are of very low capacity and range between 1 to 500 kg. There are also many benefits to it like cost efficiency that can be used for weight applications and OEM force measurements. They are made of aluminium alloy and are bending beam or single point load cells. But there are many heavy-duty shear beam cells that are formed with carbon steel alloy that is plated with nickel and is corrosion proof. The double beam and shear beam can be used in various cell applications like industrial process control as well as tank weighing. The cantilever load cells or bending beam are mainly used for dynamic weighing, static weight or force measuring operations.

Strain load cells

For static and dynamic measurement, this is the best load cell ever. For ascertaining the strain, you need to measure the chance in resistance of the applied force to the matrix that is well bonded to the surface. The adhesive bond and matrix carrier go hand in hand for altering the resistance or transmit the strain to the grid. The adhesive and matrix carrier will eliminate the heat and insulate against any electrical noise that interferes and modifies readings.

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