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IOS vs Android: Which one is better?

The battle between IOS and Android rages on, since no one has truly emerged a winner. Any claim to fame is still contestable. But is it something really worth considering? Mobile technology has gone through significant leaps and bounds and it is best to know where you stand.

The battle for supremacy in mobile technology is one of the most-watched spectacles around the world simply because it is a competition involving millions of smartphone users.

But which one is better, Android or IOS? Well, it depends. The factors that determine how we measure these mobile operating systems vary by use or skill level, which is why it is very difficult to pit one against the other.

Here are some consolidated IT assessments which can help guide you in comparing IOS and Android.

Price point

All iPhone models have been exclusively using their proprietary IOS for their handsets. Android on the other hand is used by many different brands, whether it be premium or low-cost brands.

Software applications

To date, Android has over 3.5 million apps available at the Google Play Store and IOS has over 2.2 million at the Apple App Store. For common users, IOS is the most popular choice but developers and hardcore users are more inclined to use the Android platform.

External app sites and sideloading

Android comes out with a more dynamic downloading platform with the APK file from other site locations other than the Google Play Store making sideloading more convenient for Android users. Meanwhile, Apple has been opposed to third-party app sites from the start.

Software and firmware updates

To date, around 90% of all IOS devices are running on the latest operating system versions, but the latest Android version has only been estimated to run on a paltry 0.5% of all Android devices and the rest are still running on older versions of the software. If you were to ask any managed IT Services Virginia Beach of this particular feature, you may have an idea to which the vote goes to.

Battery life

Android devices have a wide variety of charging modes and battery consumption thanks to its diverse range of brands that have different battery capacity and fast-charging methods. Unlike IOS, which is limited to a specific battery power range for a single variant.

So, by now you have an idea that there’s no definite or clear-cut gauge to measure both operating systems. However, you do get to have the liberty of making your own preferences by choosing the one with the most number of features applicable and beneficial for you.

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