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What Are The Uses Of Air Cushion Packaging?

Air cushion packaging is a type of shipping used for fragile items like glassware, electronics, or breakable sculptures. It is also used to ship expensive or delicate items, such as luxury goods. There are different types of air cushion packaging, the most standard being bubble bags and double-wall boxes. The function of air cushion packaging is to protect the items from damage during shipment by providing shock absorption and impact resistance.

How Does Air Cushion Packaging Work?

The bags are filled with tiny air bubbles surrounding the product to protect it against shocks and impacts during shipment. The packaging absorbs energy from the shock and protects the contents from breaking. The bags are made of a flexible plastic film stretched over a frame and then filled with air by a machine specifically designed for this purpose. A special sealing machine is used to seal the bags to ensure protection against dust and moisture. They are then placed inside an outer shipping box made of cardboard, providing additional protection when in transit.

What are the Benefits of Air Cushion Packaging?

It is environmental friendly

Air cushion packaging is environmentally friendly as it uses fewer materials than regular packing material made out of polystyrene or wadding paper. It also requires less space in storage facilities as it can be deflated after use and takes less space on shelves, making more room for storage.

Reduce damage

The good thing about using air cushion packaging is its effectiveness in reducing damage to fragile items during shipping. The cushion of air cushions objects with its softness, preventing hard scratching and breaking that would otherwise occur when something bumps into a hard surface. Not only does it protect against damage caused by impact while in transit, but it can also save the item from breaking if it falls off of a table before reaching its destination. Another benefit of this type of packaging is that there is less need for additional padding materials, such as bubble wrap or foam.

Comfortable in nature

Air cushion packaging is beneficial to the consumer due to its comfort and product protection. Actually, air cushion packaging is comfortable in nature. The material in contact with the product is soft, which provides maximum protection to a delicate product like glass. Secondly, air cushion packaging provides more shock resistance than other types of packaging materials, such as paper, foams, and plastics. This means that it protects against shock and vibration, thus providing greater protection to fragile products. In addition, it does not require any additional tools for opening and closing compared to other types of packaging, such as foil or plastic packaging.

Key Takeaway

Air cushion packaging uses air-filled plastic bubble cushions to protect products during transportation. The air cushion packaging industry has grown in recent decades due to the increased popularity of e-commerce and high productivity. As it is more compact than traditional protective packaging, it saves space on transportation equipment, thus reducing the cost of transportation. Compared with traditional protective packaging, it cannot only improve product protection but also save a lot of materials, reduce damage rate and protect the environment.

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