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7 Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas for your sister

Diwali is a festival of great celebration which is welcomed every year with great anticipation and excitement in the Indian subcontinent. Diwali festival is a 5-day long period of celebration where the end of Diwali festivities is followed by the tradition of Bhai Dooj. The tradition of Bhai Dooj for the year 2022 will be celebrated on 26th October which falls on a Wednesday.

The Bhai Dooj ritual is similar to Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated to honor the sacred bond between a brother and sister. To perform the Bhai Dooj ritual, sisters in every Indian household invite their brothers to their homes. The sister then applies vermillion on the forehead of her brother and then ties kalawa to his hand.

The sister then performs aarti of her brother with a decorated thali to pray for his well-being and long life. The Bhai Dooj tradition ends with a gift exchange ceremony where both siblings offer different gifts to each other to express their gratitude. There are various gift options available for a brother that he can offer to his sister during the end of the Bhai Dooj ritual.

A brother can choose from different gift options such as a chocolate bar, jewelry, perfumes, stationery items, and much more. A wide range of gift options can be selected by a brother every year to offer during the Bhai Dooj ceremony. In this article, we are going to look at 7 Bhai Dooj ideas for your sister.

Premium Chocolate Bar

Offering a chocolate bar to someone is synonymous with expressing feelings of celebration, appreciation, and goodwill. A premium-quality chocolate bar can be a traditional choice of gift for your sister during this year’s Bhai Dooj. Select premium quality chocolate bars from the range of Fabelle where the Fabelle chocolate price will be listed on the ITC Store.

Luxury Perfume

A luxury perfume is a great choice of gift since a memorable scent can make your sister feel confident and ready for all the important events. The right perfume can be selected from a given set of luxury perfumes by looking at the type of notes it has since the notes determine the quality of fragrance that it will emit. The Engage L’amante Moments Perfume Gift Box with floral and fruity notes will be the perfect choice of gift for your sister.

Luxury Bathing Bar

A luxury bathing bar can also be a unique gifting option for your sister since it will be used every day. A luxury bathing bar provides a fulfilling bathing experience while giving an exquisite feeling of freshness every time. The EDW Essenza Inizio Femme Bathing Bar is a luxury bathing bar that will invoke an unmistakable and sensual aura after every bath.

Art Stationery Combo Kit

If your sister is inclined towards the subject of arts and crafts, then she will need to use art stationery items regularly. An art stationery kit will be a perfect choice of gift as it will include all the necessary items such as a drawing book, wax crayons, oil pastels, sketch pens, and much more. Classmate Art Stationery Bag Combo Kit will be the perfect choice of gift for your sister as it includes all the required art stationery items.

Skin Care Products

Every woman needs an arsenal of good quality skin care products to take care of her skin regularly. Skin Care products such as a face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, cold cream, etc. will be needed by your sister in her daily routine. For this year’s Bhai Dooj, you can select skin care products for your sister from the brands of Dermafique and Charmis which will be available in the ITC Store.

Gold Jewelry

If you have a significant budget to spend during this year’s Bhai Dooj, then gifting a piece of gold jewelry to your sister will be the best option. The gold jewelry need not necessarily be something extravagant, it can be something as simple as a pendant, earrings, or a necklace. You can also gift a gold coin as the period of Diwali is considered an auspicious time to purchase gold.

Picture Frame

Memories are captured with the help of colourful pictures, and these pictures need to be preserved properly. Therefore, gifting a good-quality picture frame to your sister is the right choice so she can preserve her set of memories. The best choice of picture frames to gift can be made of real wood or high-quality metal that will remain sturdy throughout time.

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