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Real Estate

A Seller’s Walkthrough Before Property Closing

Congratulations on selling your home. Next, you must prepare to hand the property to a new owner. It is critical for the seller and the buyer to feel comfortable as they exchange the last documents at closing. A final walkthrough is necessary for both parties to feel comfortable at closure.

What is the final walkthrough?

This is the last step before real estate closing. The final walkthrough happens when the seller leaves the property ready to be occupied by the buyer. Your escrow will use real estate closing software to usher you into the final walkthrough.

The checklist

The property seller can easily overlook some critical issues as they move out. A checklist would help to ensure everything is in place for the new owner to settle. You’d want to remove all your stuff, settle your energy bills, turn off the mains, and do repairs as required. These activities can be overwhelming. A final walkthrough checklist would look like this:

Outside the home

  • Countercheck that the garage door openers are functioning. Remember to charge the remotes and oil the movable parts. The garage should also be clear from clutter.
  • Clear the backyard from debris and waste from the repairs and renovations.
  • Inspect the home for pest and rodent infestation.
  • Erect any broken hedges and fences in the yard
  • Ensure the yard items detailed in the closing documents are intact

Inside the home

  • Confirm that the light fixtures are in good working condition
  • Check that the drains are clear, faucets are turned off, and leaking water points repaired
  • Look out for water damage in the home and run repairs. Remember to settle pending energy bills.
  • Check for mold, rodent, and pest infestation
  • Test all electronics such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and waste disposal.
  • Repair and oil all the movable parts of the doors, windows, hinges, and locks.
  • Keep keys and their respective doors and assemble all spare keys for easy handover.
  • Test HVAC units, and thermostats for heat and air conditioning.
  • Confirm that the seller’s belongings are packed and removed, ready for a new owner.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company to tidy the house

Should a real estate agent inspect the property?

The seller can bring a real estate agency to confirm that everything is in place. This last visit sets the platform for the real estate closing. It also gives the seller peace of mind that all is well and ready for the final closure.

The seller should also prepare for the following

  • Conduct timely repairs agreed upon before closing
  • Gather and file all receipts as evidence for expenses and repairs. Remember to keep all the transaction paperwork for reference.
  • Be clear about what remains within the property as agreed in the initial purchase agreement.

The bottom line

The final walkthrough is the seller’s last chance to ensure everything is in place for the closing. It is a crucial step to confirm that what the sale agreement states is true. If there are discrepancies between the initial agreement and the closing property status, the buyer can ask for an offer or repair contingencies.

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