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How to Mix and Match the Different Design Style

Home designing can be as exciting as it can be confusing. Given the number of options available in the market, people experience a lot of difficulties while selecting different items. In most cases, people try to pick everything matching for seamless and uniform home decor. However, picking too many matching items can make the space appear boring. This is why many people suggest mixing and matching the home’s design. It will allow you to combine different elements in your home and create an interior design that matches your taste and preferences. As a result, you will be able to create impactful spaces inspired by elements from different time periods and featuring different styles. If you are not sure about how to create a hybrid home interior design, here are a few home renovation tips that will help you:

01 of 06 Choosing the colours

You should always be careful when choosing the colours of your home interior design. The colours will have a huge impact on the overall look of the room and if you pick colours that do not complement each other, the aesthetic beauty of the entire space will be diminished. According to experts, you should consider opting for subtle and pastel hues only. However, opting for only light colours can make the space appear boring. You can add more visual interest to the space by introducing bold and dark tones. Choose furnishings featuring dark tones to complement your light-coloured background. This mix and match will add contrast to the setup and will elevate the beauty of the space.

02 of 06 Adding different patterns

Adding patterns to your home’s interior design will make it more appealing. You can consider adding different patterns but you will have to be very careful. If you add too many different patterns to one space, the design might appear very busy and overwhelming. For instance, making murals on your floral wallpaper wall will make the space appear very busy. Hence, you will have to carefully choose the patterns. When adding different patterns, make sure that they complement each other. Easy DIY home decor ideas such as adding a few throw pillows are great for adding patterns.

03 of 06 Picking your furniture pieces

The furniture pieces will make your space more functional and appealing. In most cases, people buy similar furniture pieces for a seamless home design. However, there is no golden rule that says you cannot experiment with the furniture pieces a little. Instead of choosing matching furniture pieces, you should choose contrasting pieces. This DIY home decor will help to add more visual interest to the space. Do not just experiment with colours. You can pick furniture pieces from different time periods and organise them together for an appealing look. For instance, you can combine your simple dining room table with chairs where each features a different colour and is from a different time zone.

04 of 06 Create a focal point

Every room design should have a focal point. A focal point attracts all the attention to one place and increases the appeal of the room. You must create a focal point when mixing and matching all the elements as well. If you are not sure about how to create the focal point, choose the item that is hard to accommodate. Make it the centre of your interior design and decorate the rest of the elements around it. This item can be anything as simple as an antique chest box that you can turn into a centre table just by installing a glass top. Irrespective of what you choose, make sure that the rest of the design complements the focal point.

05 of 06 Follow a particular theme

During your home renovation, you must always follow a theme. This will help to create a more uniform home design. However, following a theme when designing your home does not mean you will have to pick only matching items. You can follow a theme in your hybrid home interiors as well by choosing complementing items carefully. For instance, even if you choose chairs for your dining table from different time periods, you must make sure all of them have the same finish so that uniformity in the home design can be maintained.

06 of 06 Only pick functional pieces

When you are opting for a ‘mix and match’ home design, you will have to pick every piece very carefully. If you can choose the right items, your home interior design will appear appealing. However, if you end up adding too many unnecessary pieces to your home design while trying to mix and match, the interiors will appear crowded and busy. This is why you should keep the items limited and only choose essential items to ensure that the room stays functional.

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