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How to do all your banking at one place on a net banking app?

Mobile technology has a considerable influence on us when it comes to banking. If you have some knowledge about modern technology and know how to use it, you can do most of your activities on a mobile phone from anywhere. The increasing number of smartphone users has led banks to provide most banking services on a smartphone through an online banking app.

A mobile banking app has turned out to become one of the most sought-after apps on consumer smartphones. With the highest rate of mobile data consumption, India has over 700 million smartphone users, who make use of a mobile application to shop, pay utility bills, or transfer funds.

Most banks have mobile apps to help customers do banking at their convenience. IDFC FIRST Bank offers the latest net banking app that facilitates one to carry out all financial transactions from one place. Here’s what it offers to help you.

  1. Manage your account easily

If you want to have a better picture of your finance, you should consider downloading the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. It enables you to connect your savings or current bank accounts with the same bank or different banks on a single platform. You can have a complete picture of your transactions and the account balances without moving away from the application.

The internet bank mobile app is designed to help you transfer funds from one account to another, categorize transactions, analyze your expenses and income, and manage your bills.

  1. Start an online bank account

Gone are the days when you visited a bank’s branch to open a new bank account. Today banking as a whole is getting completely digitalized. You can open an IDFC FIRST Bank online account instantly by entering your personal details like the full name, date of birth, mobile number, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or Voter ID details, and email address. You are also required to upload the essential documents for eKYC verification.

Once you have completed the verification process, you can transfer funds, receive a debit card, apply for a credit card, and make payments.

  1. Offers investment options

A banking app makes it easier to invest in securities. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) helps the user budget, save and invest for the future. The best banking app from IDFC FIRST Bank facilitates investments in mutual funds and sovereign gold bonds through a personal investment app. The app helps you automate savings by getting suggestions to invest in equity, fixed deposit schemes, or unit-linked policies.

On the same platform, you can start a 3-in-1 trading account, which includes a combination of a bank account, trading account, and Demat account. You can buy mutual funds such as the low-cap, mid-cap, large-cap, multi-cap, arbitrage, and hybrid funds through systematic investment plans (SIP) on this account. The latest Kite trading platform on the app helps you to trade in currencies and commodities, and carry out free fund transfers to your trading account.

  1. Offers high security 

For a banking app user, the risk of cyber theft is a cause for concern. IDFC FIRST Bank offers a secure bank account login through multi-factor authentication. Biometric authentication is the second layer of security that checks physical metrics during verification.

  1. Set alerts and notifications

You can set up text alerts on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app to help you realize your financial goals. It reminds you of the due dates of your subscriptions and insurance premium. You also get alerts when you overspend or exhaust your credit limit. The app also receives notifications about bank charges, outstanding bills, interest or dividend credited, and new deposits.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers you the most advanced banking app with smart features. They help you carry out all your banking on the go.

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