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Comprehensive Aviation e -Learning Courses

For the last two years, like other industries, the education system is also adopting virtual options like ‘e-learning’, ‘’ training, distance-learning, etc. Along with all pandemic limitations all the seminars, conferences, and meetings need to use the virtual platforms to meet communication requirements.

But while the matter comes to aviation, it becomes quite incredible to think about virtual training, assessment. There is no doubt that the aviation training industry has faced the most awkward times. But very soon the aviation industry has adopted the changed reality with the latest standards.

As a result, the aviation education industry has introduced several centers for pilot online training. They are making possible the flawless arrangement to carry on the assessment processes online.

Here are some online courses, which will help the candidates to grab the best knowledge about aviation operations.

PPL Meteorology

The professional responsibilities of a pilot revolve around the global climate. So, they must have in-depth knowledge about climate change across the world. This is the reason why meteorology is included as a major subject in aviation training. Knowledge about this subject helps the pilots to understand the effect of strong winds on the flight, what to do during thunderstorms and what are the mandatory tricks to avoid hurricanes. Therefore this particular course prepares the pilots to make the right decisions, while the aircraft has to go through storms, snow, variation of temperature, etc in the entire journey.

 Flight Navigation

This particular course includes GPS – Global Positioning System. This subject prepares the pilots on how to estimate the accurate nautical miles for landing monitoring their overall GPS position. Along with primary navigation knowledge, this course provides the relevant skill to the pilots to grip the processes of standard departure and standard arrival. Therefore the subjects of this course are the essential aspects of pilot online training.

Flight Radio

This course makes the pilots familiar with the core processes to receive radio signals and how to transmit the signals in the free space. Following this course, the pilots come to know about the different electromagnetic waves and how to understand the properties of these waves including reflection, diffraction, absorption, polarization, refraction, scattering, etc. This course also provides in-depth knowledge on different paths and mediums of radio propagation.

Aircraft Technology

The technology ensures safety. This course makes the whole pilot online training fruitful by making them familiar with the essential automation technologies. In modern aircraft, the pilots need to be experts when or how to utilize the automation technology. Because during an emergency, some factors need to operate instantly and those are quite impossible to do manually. So, knowing the overall technology standards of the aircraft helps the pilots to make life-saving decisions.


All these courses are specifically designed to fulfill the real requirements of the pilot’s skills. So, the subjects and study materials of all courses are fruitful enough to reach the particular level for winning the pilot license. These courses guide the candidates to take preparations for higher degrees in aviation education including Flight Instruction or Airline Preparation.

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