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One person was killed, and five were wounded in a car rollover in Long Beach on Saturday, December 23, 2016., according to Fisher & Talwar: Los Angeles Car Accident & Eminent Domain Attorneys. Although the reason for the accident is unclear, authorities suspect it was caused by street racing. The car traveled east when the driver lost control, hit the center barrier, and flipped several times. Police said.


Rollover accidents occur when a car suddenly and abruptly turns at high speed, causing the vehicle’s roof to flip over. Rollovers often occur in older automobiles, unstable autos, and SUVs.

Some people think SUVs are a better option since they are more substantial, but this ignores the fact that SUVs are more likely to flip over and inflict devastating injuries when they do. According to a 2005 National Consumer Survey, 39% of Americans believe they are more potent in an SUV than they are. According to the same study, SUV rollovers were responsible for 37% of fatal accidents, compared to just 15% of crashes involving automobiles.

Compared to automobile accidents, SUV rollovers accounted for 37% of fatalities. Rollovers are also among the most lethal accident types, according to the statistics. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Characteristics of Fatal Rollover Crashes” study reveals on page 3 how much more dangerous light trucks and SUVs are in a rollover than automobiles.

Circumstances That Are Not Clear

No one knows what caused the collision, but police say they want to speak to the driver of a new model Infinity car that was spotted fleeing the site of the accident just as officers arrived. When emergency personnel arrived, they found the SUV on its side in the middle of the road.

Four of the six occupants of the automobile were ejected during the rollover, and rescue personnel had to recover two more from the debris. There were six people on board, and they were all sent to a local hospital. Two were treated and released immediately, three were in critical but stable condition, and one died as a result of his injuries there. Vernon Onofia, a 29-year-old man, was named as the victim.

Avoidable Catastrophe

It is an avoidable tragedy when a car overturns because its driver is racing another vehicle on the road. The easiest method to prevent losing a street race is not to participate at all. Abandoning the notion that drivers on the road have nothing to prove to other drivers is unfair and has too many unexpected consequences.

As seen in the preceding case, an unexpected result of this purported street racing was the death of one of the passengers.

However, even in less catastrophic situations, when property damage is the only consequence of reckless driving, the damage produced by a street race may be costly. No one can work or do everyday tasks without a vehicle since many of our locations are far away.

Avoid Getting Angry And A Fight On The Streets

  • Allow aggressive drivers to pass you on the road to avoid roadside confrontations.
  • Keep an eye out for other vehicles that seem to be racing and don’t be in a rush to catch up; instead, let them drive at their speed and be ready for abrupt stops.
  • As usual, make sure you’re wearing your seatbelt. If the worst happens and you’re in a car accident, there are things you may do to improve your odds of surviving.

Facts About The Rollover

SUVs are notoriously prone to rollovers, as the section under “Rollover Accidents” illustrates. To see stories like these in the media only adds credence to the DOT’s conclusions.” According to the research, most fatalities in car accidents are caused by passengers being ejected from the vehicle because no seat belts were worn.

Passengers ejected during a rollover had a death rate almost two times higher.


When riding in a moving vehicle, particularly an SUV, you should always wear a seat belt no matter which seat you are in. SUVs are more likely to overturn due to their size, shape, and weight distribution than any other vehicle class. We can’t draw any firm conclusions about this case until we have all the information, but we can follow safe driving practices whenever we get behind the wheel.

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