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Types of Wire and Cable Company

Direct Wire is generally known as the market chief for robust and adaptable links and gatherings produced to the tough U.S. global principles. We offer a broad scope of items with unrivaled execution and unwavering quality, with our leader Flex brands—Flex-A-Prene®, Ultra-Flex®, All-Flex®, Veri-Flex®, Dura-Flex®—perceived as industry-best answers for requesting welding, power, and modern applications.

Supported by many years of wire and link fabricating aptitude, Direct Wire and cable company items are more dependable, sturdy, and protected with the physical, mechanical, and opposition properties expected to meet client prerequisites and tackle their electrical and force the board difficulties.


Interconnection Battery Cable 

Direct’s 3311/3279/CL905 is an exceptionally adaptable battery link reasonable for interconnection among terminals and starters or grounds. Likewise, it is usually utilized inside welding applications, engine leads, inward wiring of apparatuses, and UPS frameworks. 3311/3279/CL905 is UL and cRUus recorded, RoHS agreeable, and made in the USA.

  • Rope-lay, pack abandoned 30 AWG copper director
  • Bare or tinned ASTM Class K copper
  • Wrapped paper separator
  • Jacketed with LSHF EPDM compound


Multipurpose Power Cable 

Direct’s All-Flex® is a profoundly adaptable multipurpose force link intended for interior/outside applications, including uninterruptible force supplies (UPS), transformers, controls, battery chargers, leads and augmentations, and wet conditions. All-Flex is UL and cRUus recorded, CSA endorsed, RoHS agreeable, for CT use (1/0 and bigger sizes), and made in the USA.

  • Rope-lay, the bundle, abandoned 30 AWG copper director
  • Bare or tinned ASTM Class K copper
  • Jacketed with excellent PVC compound
  • REACH, RoHS, CMRT, and Prop 65 Compliant


Battery Booster Cable 

Direct’s Booster/Duplex is a modern grade, rock-solid battery sponsor link essentially utilized for interconnection between batteries when kicking off is required. Promoter/Duplex meets SAE J1127 Type SGT (starter or ground; broadly applicable; thermoplastic protected), RoHS consistent, and is produced in the USA.

  • Rope-lay, bundle, abandoned 30 AWG SAE copper directors (2); shading coded for extremity
  • Wrapped paper separator
  • Jacketed with excellent TPE compound
  • RoHS and Prop 65 consistent


Diesel Locomotive Cable 

Direct’s DLO is a substantial force link used inside convenient or fixed establishments, diesel motors and engine drives, generators, battery leads, and other requesting modern applications, including shipyards, penetrating apparatuses, development gear, and telecom power supply. Wire and Cable Company is UL recorded for CT use, and MSHA agreeable.

  • Rope-lay, pack abandoned tinned ASTM Class 1, copper
  • Separators: paper (conductor) and cross-section (protection)
  • Insulated with LSHF EPDM compound
  • Jacketed with CPE compound

Dura-Flex® Type W 

Compact Power Cable 

Direct’s Dura-Flex Type W link is an excellent, adaptable convenient link essentially utilized for extremely durable or brief force supply. The flexible link is generally ended with Cam-Lok™ connectors and other force connector types to develop different force link gatherings, feeder links, and link augmentations.

Dura-Flex Type W link is typically conveyed inside hefty use, mechanical, and crisis applications, including force and hardware rental (power generators), engine and battery leads, mining and oil boring, shore power, HVAC frameworks, and general force circulation.

Dura-Flex Type W link is UL and cULus recorded, CSA endorsed, RHH/RHW/RHW 2, RoHS agreeable, and produced in the USA.

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