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The Pros of Using Bulk Liquid Food Grade Tanks for Transportation

Transportation of food, especially liquid food grade items can be quite tricky and calls for involvement of top-quality equipment. Remember that there are certain guidelines and laws that have been put in place by the relevant regulatory bodies, and food producers should follow them to the latter or else they risk being closed down, or even worse, legal action. Bulk liquid food grade tanks are one of the options out there and are well worth considering based on the advantages they have.

Temperature Control

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to the transportation of food items is the fact that food is perishable. This means that when not well taken care of, your food items could go bad and that would result in losses. Therefore, the preservation means are very important and that is where temperature control of bulk liquid food grade transport comes in. With these tanks, it is much easier to control the temperature of the food items being transported which helps you to keep them in top condition throughout the transit process. This is because they have a built-in heating and cooling system that is connected to the truck’s radiator that keeps them at an optimum temperature.

Economies of Scale

By using bulk liquid food grade tanks, distributors get to enjoy the economies of scale associated with it. To put it simply, economies of scale is a proportionate save in costs that one enjoys when producing or distributing goods in large quantities. Therefore, by transporting these food items in bulk, you get to save significant costs as compared to transporting them in small quantities. With these tanks, one can easily stack a few on top of each other to save space so even more can be transported at once. Compared to the average sized barrels or drums that are an alternative, bulk liquid food grade tanks occupy less space and therefore more liquid can be transported by the trucks.


Variety of Options

There are a few options available when it comes to bulk liquid food grade tanks so you can choose the one that suits the situation most. For example, ISO tanks are the industry standards and hold close to 9000 gallons of liquid. They are very environmentally friendly and can even be re-used a couple of times. Flexitanks are another option and have risen to popularity in the recent past. Just like the name suggests, these tanks are flexible and are filled up by a nozzle and expand to fit the container they are in. This helps to maximize space. The last type of tank are the intermediate bulk containers. They are used for smaller sized shipments and have a cube shape that makes them easy to stack. However, it is worth pointing out that for bulk liquid food grade transport, you will be required to fit in an FDA approved liner.

Bulk liquid food grade tanks are the best thing to happen in the shipment of liquid food items as they make everything a lot easier and less costly.

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