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The dilemma of a webcam model: “Should I do this for a member?”

As a webcam model, even a non-adult one, where you don’t have to undress or engage in any type of sexual activity with your members, you still get some awkward requests from them, from time to time. This is exactly the case with Brenda, a cam girl who described her experience on a private forum dedicated to the online modeling industry. Soon after she shared her story, answers came pouring in, showing that she is not alone and that many of her colleagues, from the same studio or others, share the same interesting situation, as we might call it.

“Hello, girls! A member suggested I should dye my hair red, he told me he thinks it would fit me very well, and, if I want him to ever join me in a private session again, I should do it until next time. What do you think? I wouldn’t really want to do it, I am naturally a brunette, but I was thinking more of becoming a blonde rather than a redhead. I know I could wear a wig, but he was a hairstylist and most certainly he would realize it’s a wig. What should I do? Should I just dye my hair red for his sake?”, the webcam model by the name of Brenda asked. 

“Hi, girl! You could use a temporary hair dye that won’t damage your hair, there are a few brands that do a good job. This way, you could test how you would look blonde or redhead and you could decide if you stick for one or the other for longer”, a webcam model from Studio 20 –, the biggest and most successful non-adult agency in the world, answered. “I don’t understand how you can dye your hair for a single member! If the majority of your members would like that, it would be OK, but this way, it’s just wrong! You could buy a wig and see if he’s pleased this way. Kisses!”, replied Macrina, showing that cam girls think differently from each other.

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“I don’t see much point in dyeing your hair for just one member, no matter how important he is. As another webcam model said before me, I think the tint is the best method. If you chose a wig, he would figure it out pretty quickly, especially if you said that he is a hairstylist. Maybe it’s a good idea to ask him beforehand if he considers it a good idea for you to wear a wig, so you don’t spend your money foolishly. Think about it: you could buy four or five different wigs, in slightly different shades, and this way he would be surprised all the time”, Jessyca said. 

“Hi, Brenda! If you find a wig made from natural hair, he wouldn’t tell the difference, I assure you! Of course, it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it, believe me – just Google it! Or, if you really want to surprise him and catch him off-guard, dye your hair blonde, as you wish, and he won’t have anything else to do. If he likes you as a webcam model, he will have to accept you this way”, Aleena concludes.

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