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Guava Juice mocktail recipes for kids’ party

Guava juice is one of the freshest and most nourishing juices that have an added cooling effect. Replete with Vitamins and antioxidants, Guava juice makes for a wonderful choice in beverages, especially for children. Its sweet taste goes hand in hand with all the health benefits it also provides. Guava juice is quite diverse too. Its unique taste goes well with many flavours and is a staple in some of the mocktails! If you are hosting a kids’ party and are clueless about what to serve for beverages, Guava juice will save you. Here are a few Guava juice mocktail recipes ideas for you to try at home!

Spiced Guava Mocktail

A Spiced Guava mocktail might be the simplest mocktail there is yet, it adds an extra touch to guava juice that kids love! All you need for this drink is guava juice, salt, chilli powder, mint and ice! In a flask, add salt and red chilli. Then add mint leaves and guava juice to the mix. Lastly, add a lot of ice and mix well! Pro tip: you can also line the glasses with salt and red chilli to make this mocktail look professional!

Guava, Strawberry and Lime fizz

This drink has three superstars, guava, strawberry and lime, who create the perfect summer drink for your kids. Blend fresh strawberries into a puree and add lime juice. Add ice to this and mix well. Finally, pour over guava juice and some soda to bring the fizz! Garnish this drink with mint leaves or with a slice of lemon!

Pineapple-Guava Mocktail

If you want your kids’ party to look colourful, this Pineapple Guava mocktail is perfect. You will need fresh, cored pineapple for this so, make sure you’re well-stocked. First, blend pineapple into a puree. Then add salt to the puree. Pour the puree into a glass and add ice and guava juice to the mix. If you have a grenadine syrup around, add in a few spoons of the sweet syrup too!

Litchi and Guava Mocktail

Another simple cocktail that does not take more than five minutes to make is the Litchi and Guava mocktail. All you need to do is, in a flask, add litchi juice and guava juice together. Squeeze some lemon on the juice, and add kaffir lime leaves and ice to the mix. Instead of squeezing lime, you can also mix the juice with some slices of lime to add another dimension to the drink!

All of these Guava juice mocktail recipes ideas can be made without a hassle if you have the best guava juice handy. B Natural Guava Juice is one of the best ones in the market today. It is made out of real pink guavas that are sourced from trusted farms in India. Unlike many other manufacturers, the B Natural Guava juice is made from whole guava and not fruit concentrates. It has Vitamins C and A along with antioxidants which provide for a healthy and refreshed experience.  It does not contain any added preservatives, artificial colour or flavour either.

Making fresh juice can be quite troublesome, especially if you have a social event like a kids’ party to plan. Hence, using packing juices like the B Natural Guava juice is a favourable way to get perfect mocktails and save time and effort!

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