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The Right Approach To Buy An Above Ground Tornado Shelter

Storm shelters in tornado alley are a must especially if the families are living in the area where the severe storm hits often. But there are so many buyers who still don’t have clarity on which storm shelter is the best choice. Well, in that case, listed are some facts that can give better clarity to such buyers who can make the right investment in an above ground tornado shelter

Know the right room for installation first

Some buyers are still confused about whether the underground shelter is safe or the above-ground shelter. But the truth remains the same that both the choices are solid ones. The only plus advantage that above-ground storm shelter gets over other ones is that it can go anywhere in the house be that the pantry, closet or even in the garage. A safe room can be installed anywhere and hence choosing this option is not a bad deal at all.

Factors to be considered while buying ground Tornado shelter:


The companies selling such shelters of course would design it considering the number of people this shelter can withstand. If the buyer has a small family or there are just 2 or 3memebers in the family then the amount of room that is needed should be chosen wisely. There is an above-ground shelter that comes with expandability choices. Some modular products even let the buyers purchase and install additional panels and give them room and better space.


Another important factor to be considered is accessibility. Many people often wait to get entrance into their underground shelter simply because of inconvenient accessibility. But while looking for the perfect above the ground shelter, it is important to not repeat the same mistake. Instead, the option with quick accessibility should be chosen.


Gone are those days when people used to stay at the same place all their lives. When the buyer considers spending thousands of dollars on the overall installation for an above-ground storm shelter, it should be the portable one. It is important to look for a shelter that has relocation ability. An above-ground concrete shelter comes with thick walls. It can weigh quite a lot and taking it across the state is impossible. But in that case, a modular above-ground shelter is the best option. it comes with the relocation capacity as well.


The price of an above-ground tornado shelter can be quite high. There are so many buyers who backed out on buying simply after making basic research on it. But this concept gives much better mind peace as compared to any other commercial structure. The price range of such above-ground safe rooms can vary from $4,000 to $73,000. The price also varies as per the room that has been chosen, However, there are finance options that can let the buyer purchase with peace of mind.

When there is a creation of funnels like clouds and the colour of the skies changes a bit, it is a sign that a twister is likely to happen. The ground storm shelter has always been the best escape against the twister for so many years. However recently the trend of ground storm shelter has been increasing too. There are so many people who have been now opting for such an option.

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