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PPC Marketing – What it is and how it can benefit your business

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing, also called PPC or Pay Per Click marketing, is a very common type of advertising on the Internet whose exponents are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It is all that advertisement for which a firm or company pays for each time a user clicks or clicks on it. The cost of this type of advertising is directly related to each click made.

This basically means that once you set up the campaign and the budget, you will pay an agreed amount of money every time and only when someone clicks on your ad.

Platforms such as Google Adwords or even the advertising corners that are offered on Facebook and Twitter take advantage of this system to establish pricing for those who come to them. Google’s is also the best known worldwide since it helps a specific page always appear in the first position of its search engine based on certain keywords and audience sectors.

Companies wise, this system is one of the most profitable that exists, since the payment they make has to do with a real and tangible result. Advertising is direct, as it is the interaction with the user, and, being something in which you only pay for the click, you always get the maximum return based on the investment made. It should also be noted that to achieve really good results, it is important to first carry out a good analysis of the public and know the tools well. This is why it is usually recommended the help of an advertising agency experts in social networks to get the best results in this type of campaign.

What is PPC Marketing used for?

PPC Marketing is used to pay only for results obtained. By operating based on advertising in which only charges are made for clicks obtained, you will know that your budget is spent for something that translates into real traffic and that, in return, can lead the visitor to be a lead or a customer.

It works very well when it comes to optimising the return on advertising investment and achieving greater visibility, especially thanks to systems such as Google Adwords, which grants privileged positions within the SERPs (Search engine results pages).

Examples of PPC Marketing

There are many examples of campaigns built around PPC marketing. At Serendipity Marketing we offer, precisely, services to work with the main platform used in this area, which is none other than Google Ads. Thus, we can use our service as a PPC Agency in London when talking about examples of this type of marketing.

If you want more examples, it is as simple as entering Google and doing any search related to the professional sector. The first links that appear, with the label “Ad” under their title, are those made through Adwords.

How can you get an efficient PPC campaign for your business?

Serendipity Marketing is a leading advertising digital marketing agency London, running ad campaigns for clients internationally in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian.

Our unique methodology, thanks to the mix of marketing strategies and psychology science, allows us to make a deep analysis of your target audience and create high-engaging ads with a high click-through rate, translating into a higher conversion rate.

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