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How to register a global trademark. Madrid Protocoll

Trademarks are a crucial resource for international trade. However, there is no such thing as a global trademark. International trademark law only admits trademark registered in Italy, for example, can be recognised in other foreign countries adhering to the Madrid Protocol. Trademark law attorneys can apply for the recognition of a trademark to all WIPO adhering countries with a single filing application.

In this way it is possible to obtain trademarks protected internationally, so as to be able to enter into international agreements. The trademark, previously filed in Italy, can be used to sell products and services in third countries.

International trademark law

All registered trademarks are granted protection. If you deem your rights to have been violated by someone who is using a similar brand to yours in a foreign country (e.g. Italy) or your mark to have been copied, you need to resort to a recognised trademark attorney. We highly recommend Italy-based International Law Firm Damiani&Damiani from solicitors order to get international protection for your mark and obtain compensation or prohibition of use. In order to avoid mistakes in the registration of an international trademark and verify immediately that a mark has not been previously filed, the WIPO database can be consulted. This will allow you to conduct a trademark search by text or image in brand data from multiple, national and international sources, including trademarks, appellations of origin and official emblems.

The Madrid Protocol for global trademarks recognition

International trademarks WIPO system is one of the solutions that attorneys can pursue in order to obtain the global registration and management of a trademark.

With a single procedure, it is possible to apply for trademark protection in 124 countries simultaneously. The Madrid WIPO Protocol can be used by the trademark owner who is citizen of one of the 124 countries that joined the Protocol. Registration fees are modest, but the assistance of an attorney is needed in order to obtain global registration of the trademark and accurately identify the classes of goods and services covered by the mark. After successfully obtaining an international trademark registration, there are additional fees for expanding the geographical coverage, modifying or renewing the marks portfolio.

TradeMark EUIPO for recognized international

As you know, EUIPO trademarks are recognised by member states of the European Union. The choice between a EU-recognised or an international trademark depends on the purpose to be achieved.

Two courses of action can be followed to obtain trademarks protected internationally:

After registering the trademark in a EU member state, it is possible to adhere to the Madrid Protocol to get trademarks protected internationally in the 124 adhering nations.

Otherwise, if you already own EUIPO trademark valid in EU countries, you can apply from a trademark inspection at WIPO level, in the same way as a trademark registered in one single EU country.

Remember to get in touch with a capable trademark attorney to get protection for your mark at international level, to avoid errors in the registration process and to avoid unintentional breaches of the international trademark law.

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