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Best Hair Care Products For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is an important aspect of one’s overall health. However, ensuring that those tresses look shiny and invigorated at all times requires some effort. Simply washing your hair and letting it air dry is not enough. Today, our hair is exposed to so many different environmental and lifestyle factors. From work stress to pollution to excessive heat, there’s so much that we can’t control. However, what we can control is how we take care of our locks. While hair care routines are unique to each individual depending on their needs, there are some hair care products that are absolutely essential and one must certainly consider making them a part of their regular routine.

Take a look:

  1. Keratin Rich Shampoo
    A keratin hair shampoo is important as it cleanses your hair while also nourishing it with the required proteins. Keratin is a natural protein that strengthens and protects hair. Some people also opt for keratin treatment when they feel like their hair is lacking in protein. However, making keratin a part of your daily is also an effective way to go about it. Godrej Professional’s Keratin Rich Shampoo is infused with hydrolyzed keratin for best results. If used in combination with the keratin mask, the keratin shampoo can do wonders!
  2. Acai Oil
    Natural oils have incredibly nourishing properties. Their natural goodness and unique hydrating formula help moisturize hair. Often washing your hair with shampoo can make the natural oils in your hair strip away. Hence, a product like Acai oil can undo that damage. Just apply a few drops of it after washing your hair to get that glossy look for the day. For best results, use Acai oil with Godrej Professional’s Keracare Recharge Shampoo and Keracare Recharge Conditioner.
  3. Honey Shampoo
    Honey is well-known for its health as well as healing properties. However, not many realize that it’s a good hair care ingredient as well. Being a natural emollient, honey smoothens hair follicles. Godrej Professional’s Honey Moisture Shampoo hydrates hair that is damaged and dry. It restores hair to its old bouncy self if used regularly along with the Godrej Professional Honey Moisture Mask.
  4. Keracare Repair Shampoo
    Getting chemical treatments, albeit necessary, can sometimes result in damaged hair. Godrej Professional Keracare Repair Shampoo is one such hair care product that works towards repairing damaged hair. It is free of sulphate and other harmful chemicals. It is enriched with the benefits of Grapeseed oil and wheat protein that produce linoleic acid which boosts strength, growth and adds a layer of sheen.
  5. Shine On! Shine Spray
    If you struggle with managing your hair, hair sprays could be your lifesaver. The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray makes styling your hair infinitely easier. For starters, it keeps your hair detangled. It also helps hold your hairstyle in place for long hours. The best part? It’s a non-greasy formula that won’t leave behind any sticky residue.  The Godrej Professional Shine On! Shine Spray also makes taming your frizz incredibly easy.

Godrej Professional has a wide range of hair care products that are specially created for Indian hair. From frizzy hair to dry and damaged tresses to locks that require nourishment, there’s a solution for every single one of your hair care problems. Check out the website for more!

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