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Vi Vs Jio – latest plans comparison

The telecom companies in India are offering affordable recharge plans in India and it does not change much in 2021. There are a lot of benefits for users – unlimited calls, daily data limits, and subscription facilities. You can get all of these facilities at low prices – even lower than Rs. 300. Let us compare some of the plans from Vi and Jio. Maybe your next Vi recharge could be one of these plans.

  • Vi Rs. 299 plan – The prepaid plan from Vi offers unlimited calls, a daily data cap of 4 GB and 100 free SMS to be sent every day. This plan has an exciting feature – where you get weekend rollover. This means the data that you do not use during the weekdays can be used during the weekend. Also, this daily data limit is higher than the offers from Jio and Airtel. It could be a good Vi recharge to consider if you use a lot of data every day.

  • Vi Rs. 249 plan – This plan will get you 1.5 GB of data, while the other facilities remain quite the same. This plan also has weekend rollover facilities and access to the Vi app. If the users recharge through the app, they will get an additional 5 GB of data.

  • Vi Rs. 269 plan – If you need more validity but can endure low data limits, Rs. 269 plan is a good option. You will get 4 GB of data and the validity is 56 days. Unlimited voice calls can be made with the plan. You can send 600 SMS and you will get access to the Vi app.

  • Vi Rs. 219 plan – You get 1 GB of data per day and unlimited voice calls with 100 free SMS per day and access to the Vi app. Users can recharge through the app, getting an extra 2 GB of data.

  • Vi Rs. 199 plan – This Vi recharge plan gets you 1 GB of data per day. It is valid only for 24 days.

On the other hand, Jio has some exciting plans as well.

  • 249 plan – This plan from Jio offers a daily data limit of 2 GB. It offers unlimited calling and 100 SMS every day. When the data limit is reached, the connection speed will come down to 64 kbps. A complimentary subscription to Jio apps is also included here.

  • 199 plan – Jio prepaid plan of Rs. 199 will get you 1.5 GB of data per day. The plan will be valid for 28 days. Unlimited calls are included as well.

  • 149 plan – This plan is valid for 24 days only. It will get you 1 GB of data every day. Unlimited calls and 100 free SMS can be sent every day.

These are some of the latest plans from Jio and Vi. If you want to go for a Vi and Jio recharge plans, you can try these. Paying through the Airtel Payments bank platform can help you get some discounts.

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